• Fire


    We have the knowledge and experience to assess your damages with unwavering detail and compassion.

  • Water/Flood


    The whole process is seamless and smooth from the initial emergency through the completion of the job.

  • Asbestos


    Asbestos and contaminate removal

  • Mold


    When mold is present in large quantities they can present health hazards to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

  • Content/Cleaning


    This is where you put the description for this featured content.

  • Storm


    Some text here to describe storm.

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Did you know that Arizona Law gives you the right to choose ANY restoration company regardless of the recommendation by your insurance carrier?

BA Contracting and Restoration is that single point of contact between you and your insurance company.

BA Contracting is acknowledged by all of the insurance carriers as a certified, professional restoration company.

As expert, licensed contractors, we will provide and coordinate everything necessary including the emergency service call, salvage and cleaning, restoration and reconstruction, and an approved estimate based on the most current insurance price databases. The whole process is seamless and smooth from the initial emergency through the  completion of the job.